The Anthology created for the Society for Ancient & Medieval Studies is dedicated to anthropology, myths and history, acting as a bibliography for the original sources available on the Internet. The texts are gathered from books and periodicals found today in the public domain. They are not faithful reproductions of the originals, but edited versions, for the exclusive purpose of reading, not for scholarly studies. Many references and footnotes were removed or directly embedded in the text. The phonetic spelling was, in many cases, simplified. For a complete experience, the original works or their scan version are always recommended. Links are provided for all the works used.
Take this site as a research tool, not as a reference.
Adding and improving content is an ongoing project. Currently under development is the Mythology section, organized by geographical regions and historical periods, with the following chapters:
  • Arctic Region
  • North America
    • Subarctic
    • Northeast Woodlands (in preparation)
    • Great Plains (in preparation)
    • Southeast Woodlands
    • Pacific Northwest Coast
    • Plateau
    • Great Basin
    • California
    • Southwest
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • India
  • East Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Australia and Oceania
  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Medieval Europe